Ritratti Metropolitani


This is a critical research about “visual sameness". A sociographic comparative study consisting of around 4’000 “portraits” made in 11 European countries such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia I Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Kosovo.

Specially applied in different cultures, religions and habits for pushing the artist in a solo challenge with the hope of being able to demonstrate that we're all equal and everyone deserves to be treated in the same way. For this reason, RM earned the nickname of “democratic project”. But everything has been done to be progressively neutral, like a machine that doesn't do favouritism, allowing the diversity of individuals to emerge.

RM is temporarily suspended waiting for new impulses. The next step, for example, would be to go around the Mediterranean in order to broaden his vision, further deepening the theme of integration and equality. The project is non-profit, each photograph has been shared with the subjects in a human exchange by this archive.

Matteo Fieni