Ritratti Metropolitani
The conceptual project Ritratti Metropolitani (RM, 2010-2015) started as a thesis in the university for ending out in a long term work about “visual sameness”. A critical research on homogenization of global photography, that over the years anticipate the trend now well displayed in social networks like Instagram, where the vast majority of users tend to copy each other without producing new valuable experience and visual languages. This “provocation” over time has been transforming into a sociographic comparative study, producing a documentation consisting now of around 4’000 “portraits” made in 11 European countries such as Switzerland, Italy, France, Belgium, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia I Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Serbia and Kosovo. Specially applied in different cultures, religions and habits for pushing me in a big “solo” challenge in the hope of being able to prove demonstrate that we're all equal and everyone deserves to be treated in the same way. Which over time I contradicted the spirit with which it began thanks to experience acquires during its development. For this reason, this RM earned the nickname of “democratic project”. RM is temporarily suspended waiting for new impulses. The next step, for example, would be to go around the Mediterranean in order to broaden his vision, further deepening the theme of integration and equality. The project is non-profit, each photograph has been shared with the subjects in a human exchange by this archive.

Matteo Fieni