Ritratti Metropolitani
A portrait of modern society?
2010 – 2015
Ritratti Metroplitani (RM) is a project dedicated to people in everyday life situations. People we meet on the street, of whom we know nothing about, or perhaps who appear and yet disappear again, without leaving any signs.

This project enables people to stay, thus overcoming the social gaps created by the increasingly individualistic world we live in. It provides the experience of a unpretentious journey that, despite its simplicity, surmounts the borders imposed by daily routine and VIPs’ visual precariousness. Not only does it transform the anonymous into indelible; it also conveys uniqueness and significance as far as the realm of photography is concerned.

A representation of human kind: the assembling of people from all sorts of places, status or background on a special map that allows us to unravel the mystery of differentiation.
To merge under a sole light: this is the mission of RM. A mission based on a simple but severe format that, , though governed by rigid rules and remarkable efforts, reiterates in equal modus operandi.

Thanks to your participation, direct or indirect as it may be, as the project evolves, a photographic chronicle of the people populating the earth is conceived. Soon enough RM will be able to reveal a broader truth about who we are, which goes along and beyond our bare perceptions.

No magic lenses or mystic spectacles: just ‘talking’ photographs.
Enjoy the vision!

Matteo Fieni

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